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President/CEO Position Description

Office Location: Bellingham, WA (Whatcom County)

About the Community

Consistently rated as one of the “Best Places to Play Year-Round” and “Best Place to Retire and Live”, Whatcom County offers exhilaration and relaxation at every turn. About an hour north of Seattle and south of Vancouver BC, Whatcom County bodes easy access to art, activity and action. Balancing tranquility and adventure, Whatcom County is an ideal place for exploring Mt. Baker to the east or playing on the vibrant waterfront with the San Juan Islands to the west. Bellingham’s downtown area offers a mix of restaurants, art galleries, theaters and specialty shops; it challenges the status quo with locally sourced food and entertainment. Whatcom County is a great place to raise a family, enjoy outdoor recreation and immerse yourself in art and culture - it’s a true gem in the Pacific Northwest. Discover Whatcom County Video.

Organization Overview

Whatcom County faces many of the same challenges as other communities across the country. For over 60 years United Way of Whatcom County (UWWC) has served the local community by tackling socioeconomic issues through a collaborative fundraising approach. A unique network of businesses, volunteers, and non-profit partner agencies continues to drive this essential collective impact work forward. Since 2017, UWWC’s focus on families and individuals that are struggling financially confirms that complex issues require complex solutions to address the wide range of hardships we know our family, friends, and neighbors are experiencing. Success is a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, not just survive.

Ideal Candidate

UWWC is seeking a candidate who can, through transformational leadership, align with its board to execute its vision with a strategic plan that will motivate and inspire community engagement around creative and innovative fundraising strategies that resonate with donors of all ages.

The ideal candidate is an experienced leader and effective communicator that can turn a vision into reality by stating clear goals, outlining a strategic plan to achieve those goals, and providing visionary leadership to motivate and empower each member into action at the organizational, team, and individual levels.

Overview of Responsibilities

First and foremost, the President/CEO is responsible for the long-standing trust in the United Way brand in the local community. Other responsibilities include:

      ●       Collaborates with a diverse team of community leaders, staff, and volunteers to achieve the mission and vision of UWWC;
      ●       Maintains and develops new collaborative relationships across the private, public, and corporate sectors;
      ●       Establishes shared and measurable goals that create, resource, and leverage strategies for broad investment and impact.
      ●       Responsible for long term success of UWWC through leading the execution of strategic objectives.

Qualifications and Requirements

1. Minimum 10 years of work experience, with at least 5 years of senior management level experience in a non-profit, corporate, or public sector organization.
      ●       3-5 years of experience within the non-profit sector as management, Board Member or a volunteer is preferred;
      ●       Previous experience working for a Board of Directors is beneficial;
      ●       Demonstrated success raising funds to support a mission.
2. Ability to support the development and communication of a compelling and inspired vision among Board Members, donors, staff, volunteers, service providers, business leaders and the community.
3. Demonstrates broad knowledge, passion and perspective regarding Whatcom County community issues and the unique role that United Way plays in building a positive, sustainable quality of life for all.
4. Demonstrates strong listening, writing, public speaking and presentation skills.
5. Expertise in corporate, employee, individual and special event fundraising.
6. Experience with social media, marketing and public relations communications.
7. Demonstrates drive for accomplishment and getting results through strong leadership and collaboration. Also demonstrates ability to measure results with effective metrics.
8. Bachelor’s degree or Associates degree in a related field required or equivalent work experience.
9. Demonstrates knowledge of effective tools/development programs to build and lead high performance Board and staff teams.
10. Displays a broad understanding of diversity and equity and a commitment to helping the organization determine actions to address gaps.
11. Demonstrates proven fiscal management and responsibility to properly oversee an organization’s budget and build trust in the organization’s ability to act as a reliable steward of its finances.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

       Assumes a major leadership role in fulfilling United Way’s mission in the community. Chairs or plays a key role with task forces and committees working with community issues. Meets regularly with community decision makers and maintains positive relationships with the public. These include corporate executives, government leaders and representatives of other organizations.

       Creates an atmosphere that fosters the development of staff and volunteers. As a supervisor, creates an inclusive, positive, and engaged work environment so the staff is efficient, productive and can contribute to their full potential and develop required skills.

       Provides leadership in developing the financial resources needed to accomplish the Community Impact goals as established by UWWC. Works with the Board, other volunteers and staff to raise funds from workplace campaigns, individuals, corporations, government and foundation grants and planned gifts. Ensures regular communications with donors.

       Leads the annual review and update of the Strategic Plan, assists in development of strategies and monitors the organization’s progress regarding the achievement of the agreed goals.

       Develops, implements and monitors annual operating budget. Approves and oversees expenditures in accordance with United Way financial policies.

       Serves as principle staff resource to the Board President, Executive Committee, Board of Directors and key committees providing needed reports, monitoring key metrics and recommending actions.

Core Competencies

Visionary – The President/CEO helps the Board of Directors develop their vision for the impact this organization hopes to achieve in our community and develops a road map to get there. They provide purpose, direction and motivation.

Organizational Leadership – Demonstrates strategic leadership balanced with results driven, respect for others and trust building within the organization, with the Board and stakeholders. Proactively drives the organization to a higher level of performance, efficiency and growth through inspiring action and commitment for best results.

Influence in the Marketplace – The President/CEO has a growth mindset, builds and cultivates networks of relationships, is influential and leverages United Way’s unique position as a convener of interested people and organizations. They successfully navigate the complex dynamics of local, regional and national interests.

Grows Business and Revenue – The President/CEO possesses a high level of business acumen and broad management skill set, is effective at generating and growing financial support for the organization. They can raise funds by effectively engaging donors (individuals, corporations, major giving) and communicating the outcomes of their investments.

Relationship Oriented – They understand that people come before process and is astute in cultivating and managing relationships toward a common goal. Has a profound focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Partnership Mindset & Network-Oriented – The President/CEO fosters trust, interdependence and collaboration. They act as a convener, helping community, non-profit & business leaders connect and collaborate. They value external networks and builds or participated in coalitions to seek information of strategic importance and to seek a position of influence in key forums.

Collaborator – Understands the roles and contributions of all sectors of the community and can mobilize resources (financial and human) through meaningful engagement.

Results-Driven – The President/CEO is dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good; creating, resourcing and leveraging strategies and innovation for a broad investment and impact.

Brand-Steward – Adopts the United Way brand and understands their role in increasing community trust in the organization and growing and protecting the reputation and results of the greater network.

Application Instructions

Please submit your resume and detailed cover letter (to the email listed below) describing how you meet each of the qualifications and requirements listed above by the closing date of October 9th, 2020.

Please submit application and questions to:

Email: [email protected]

Position Information

United Way President/CEO

Reports to:                                Board of Directors

Affiliation/Hours of Work:      January 15th, 2021

Direct Report Staff:                 5

Compensation:                        Competitive salary and benefits package



Website: https://www.unitedwaywhatcom.org

UWWC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and makes its hiring decisions without regard for race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.